Shockwave Therapy at Ebs Physiotherapy

Shockwave Therapy

Can help treat:
Plantar Fasciitis | Patella Tendonitis (Pain Below the Knee)
Quadriceps Tendonitis (Pain Above The Knee) | Achilles Tendonitis
Rotator Cuff (Shoulder) Tears | Elbow Pain

Benefits of
Shockwave Therapy

82% Success rate 
40% faster results 
Better results compared to steroid injections 
Promotes the body’s natural healing 


Frequently asked questions

How much does Shockwave Therapy cost?

£75 Per Session
Block Booking Of 4 – £260

What is shockwave and how does it work?

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (EWST) is used in the treatment of tendon pain. Firstly, ESWT works to desensitise nerve endings which often gives an immediate reduction in pain symptoms. Secondly, ESWT causes controlled microtrauma to the tissue which activates the bodies natural healing response. ESWT works best as part of a treatment and rehabilitation program. For longer lasting results any biomechanical issues that may be the cause of the injury need to be addressed as well as treatment of the injury. This could include postural, gait or running style, alignment, or muscle length and strength issues, all of which can be addressed with the correct exercise program.

Does it hurt?

Shockwave works by causing micro trauma, so it can feel a little uncomfortable. However we constantly ask you for feedback during the treatment to ensure it is at a comfortable pain level. Everyone has a different pain level, we tend to aim for a pain score of 4/10.

Do I need an assessment first?

If you are new to our clinic then you will need an assessment. Your clinician will need to diagnose your injury first to ensure that shockwave is the most suitable form of treatment for you. If time permits, we will be able to start shockwave during your assessment.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

While everyone is different, the research shows that when used in conjunction with a physiotherapy program, 4-5 sessions are needed at weekly intervals to produce the most effective results. We offer a discount for block bookings of 4 sessions.

Is there much evidence for its use?

There is vast amounts of support and evidence for the effectiveness of shockwave therapy. A number of clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in treating tendon problems that have previously failed other forms of conservative management. For tendon injuries Shockwave is always our preferred method of treatment.

Are effects long term?

Yes. Evidence shows that shockwave therapy produces better results compared to steroid injections at one-year post treatment. When used with the correct Physiotherapy program, shockwave will help produce a 100% recover from most tendon injuries.

I have other medical conditions, can I still have shockwave?

The only contraindications of shockwave therapy are a pregnant belly and cancerous area. If you are pregnant or have a form of cancer, this doesn’t automatically mean you cannot receive shockwave treatment. For example, if you’re pregnant or have a cancerous mole on your shoulder, we can still use shockwave for your knee or ankle pain.

What do I need to bring?

It is advisable to bring a pair of shorts if the problem is related to your leg. For ladies we recommend you wear a vest top if your complaint relates to your upper body. If you have any medical letters relating to your current injury, or past similar injuries, please bring these. Please feel free to bring a chaperone if you wish.

Are you registered with my health insurance?

We are registered with all major health insurance companies including Bupa, Aviva, Axa, Cigna, Simply Health, Vitality, Healix and Aetna. Not all insurance policies cover the use of shockwave therapy and all policies do vary slightly, so if in doubt please contact your insurance provider.

I don't have health insurance, can I pay on the day?

Yes you can. We accept card or cash, and you don’t pay until the end of your session. No payment will be made when booking your appointment today.

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